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Art restorer for a day

Restauratori d'arte per un giorno

Art restorer for a day! Become a Renaissance artisan gilder for a few hours!  A Gilder is a craft profession that possesses knowledge of ornamental design, various styles and is aware of the characteristics of the various types of gold and silver leaf suitable for...
E-bike Pisa to San Rossore

E-bike da Pisa a San Rossore

E-bike Pisa to San Rossore A different way to visit Pisa, a guided tour on an E-bike through the most iconic city in tuscany. Not just the leaning tower but a whole city to explore.  With the help of our e-bike we will not only get to know the iconic “Square of...
A day with Giacomo Puccini

Una giornata con Giacomo Puccini

A day with Giacomo Puccini Who would not like to spend a day with the great maestro of Turandot? It’s no longer possible but we can visit “his places”. From his hometown to the lake he saw before he died, we’ll travel around Puccini’s places together and...
Perfume experience

Crea il tuo profumo

Artisan perfume experience Become an apprentice Perfumer and create your own perfume (and take it home). Treat yourself with an unforgettable and fascinating sensory experience by actively entering the world of perfumery among the notes of countless raw materials. The...
Wine tastings

Degustazioni di vini

Wine tastings Craving wine? You are in the right place.  Tuscany, land of internationally recognized wines such as Chianti, Brunello, Montepulciano, Bolgheri, ecc.  Choose a location and I’ll handle the rest, creating for you an unique experience.   Are you a...