Lucy Lopardo

Tuscan Tour Guide

Truffle hunt in Tuscany

Caccia al tartufo in Toscana

We all are (I am!) in LOVE with truffles: in pasta, on meat or on a simple piece of bread. It doesn't matter how it is...

Art is not boring

L'arte non è noiosa

On April 8, 1820, the beautiful and enigmatic Venus de Milo was found on the island of Milo in Greece. Now in the...

Fina from San Gimignano

Fina from San Gimignano

You can’t say you know San Gimignano if you don’t know who Santa Fina is. Serafina or Iosefina Ciardi, for friends...

Stroll to get lost

Stroll to get lost

t’s Sunday, you weren’t able to sleep late because obviously you woke up at 8 am, you’ve already had breakfast… what...