Lucy Lopardo

Tuscan Tour Guide

Bee in touch!

The bee society is distinguished from that of other social insects, such as ants, by its extraordinary perfection and industriousness. Get in close contact with them, in total safety with the proper equipment and experience the production of honey up close.


Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of bees with this one-of-a-kind experience.

We’ll visit the small farm where its passionate owner will delight us with anecdotes and explanations of how a beehive works, the systematic social order of bees and how the golden nectar reaches the jars.

A tasting of the farm’s own production honeys awaits us and then, if the weather conditions are proper, we can wear safety clothes to go and see the bees up close.

The experience ends with a wine tasting at lunch at another nearby farm.

Durata: 2 hours + lunch


Tour suitable for the whole family. Recommended for children over 7 years old.

Codice di abbigliamento: comfortable clothing (long pants) and sneakers are recommended.

Cosa è incluso? 

  • Small theoretical part where Andrea will tell a story of a year of adventures, from winter to the following autumn, of a beehive, always with the aim of introducing the wonderful world of bees.
  • A honey tasting of 5 varieties produced by the farm. 
  • Lunch with a variety of tuscan cold cuts, cheeses, marmalades, crostini, and polenta, cantucci and “Vin Santo” and 2 glasses of wine. 
  • Vegetarian or vegan option available. Please inform me about any food intolerances/allergies.    

Non incluso:

  • Trasporto (se avete bisogno di questo servizio fatemelo sapere e troverò l'opzione migliore per voi).

Partenza: 10AM

Disclaimer: The visit to the apiary is subject to climatic conditions. If the farm deems it unsuitable for the visit (wind, for example, can make the bees “nervous”), it will not be possible to visit the apiary for your safety. There is no type of refund as the situation escapes from our hands.