I'm Lucy, your tour guide around Tuscany.


If you’re here it means that you love Tuscany and you’re ready to know it for real.

Be curious, check all the tours and if you have something in mind let me know

and together we can assemble your dreamed Tuscan trip.

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My wife Susan and I went on your tour of Pisa yesterday and had a wonderful time. Our time in Pisa was enhanced greatly by your superb tour.

Kind regards and thanks again for a great experience in Pisa.

Pisa food tour – Set 9, 2019


Bernard and Susan McCardle

We love walking tours when we visit a new place. It’s so worth doing. You get all the little gems from a place that you would miss otherwise. Lucy was a fabulous tour guide. She has so much knowledge and passion for the area. Do not miss this!

Pisa walking tour – May 24, 2019

Jessica Scott