Florence walking tour 

Do you only have one day to get to know Florence? no problem!

This is an introductory tour, ideal for those who want to see a bit of everything in the city, the cradle of the Renaissance.

Book this tour the day you arrive (or the next!) Is going to be useful to move around the city and to have an overview.

 A walk through the city “where it all began”, where artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael (no, not the T.M. Ninja Turtles) found fertile ground to nourish all their talents from painting, sculpture, poetry, etc.

We’ll move through the alleys to get to the Duomo, San Lorenzo, Piazza della Repubblica and then Ponte Vecchio… the bridge that makes everybody dream and do Instagram stories!.

Where will we end up? Who knows, if you feel like walking I’ll take you right to the top of the city.

Duration: about 2 hours approx. 

Do you have kids? This tour can be turn into a KIDS TOUR with a treasure hunt.

Price for the tour: 

1-8 participants: 180 €

9-15 participants: 360 € + the cost of the earpieces (€ 2 per person)

Artisan workshops tour

“The most genuine part of the city”, that’s what I call Oltrarno (beyond the Arno river area).

Let’s discover this part of the city through the Artisans, the first inhabitants of this poor area of Florence considered it until the 1500. Unfortunately, workshops and artisans are slowly disappearing nowadays, but Florence still treasures a great deal.

The itinerary includes 2-3 workshops chosen according to clients interests, the artisans’ availability and workshop hours.

The available workshops are: florentine paper, ceramics, paintings, florentine mosaics, jewelry, leather.

Duration: about 2.30 hours

Price for the tour: 

1-8 participants: 180 €

9-15 participants: 360 € + the cost of the earpieces (€ 2 per person)

Florence food tour


I know your real intentions, you came to Florence to EAT!

…and this tour is just perfect for you. We’ll mix the right amount of historical content of the city with the perfect amount of food and wine. 

Walking around the city we’ll find small vendors, big markets, you’ll learn about seasonal products and preparations as panzanella, cold cuts, panini, olives, vegetables, bread soup, pasta… omg I’m already full and the tour has yet to start.  

BTW, did you know that Sandro Botticcelli and Leonardo Da Vinci once had a restaurat near Ponte Vecchio?  


Duration: about 2 hours

Price for the tour: 

1-10 participants: 180 € + € 30 per person for the tastings. 

11-15 participants: 360 € + € 30 per person for the tastings. 

To book please fill the form below or use the Contacts form for any question.