“It’s not just the Leaning Tower” has now become my motto. 

Sometimes I can even say it a little “annoyed” and I apologize but Pisa does not only have the wonderful “Miracles’ Square”, it’s full of beauty but it’s hidden, rare, you have to look for it in the corners, in the squares, in the riversides, in its characters and their vicissitudes.

This is why Pisa has also become my biggest challenge because at the end of each tour I would like to hear you say “I didn’t know it!”, “Cool!” and that will be my greatest satisfaction (and then the tip ).

Let’s discover the real Pisa by getting lost in the alleys, among the students… how about if we pass by the mural of Keith Haring, take a piece of “Cecina” and a “spuma” to drink and we enjoy this city?

Let me guide you.

Find the tour you like up in the menu and if you have something in mind please let me know and I’ll customize the experience for you.