Lucca city tour


This city is a hidden gem, infact their citizens are very jealous and they protect even today their beautiful city behind the perfectly preserved high walls, though they are now topped by green parkland.

We’ll have a walk through the old town, with its medieval towers and nearly 100 churches (don’t worry, we’re not going to see everyone of them!).

The Duomo, Lucca’s Romanesque cathedral, dates from the 12th century and features a façade with elaborate reliefs and columns. The Gothic interior includes an image of Christ on the cross, supposedly carved by Nicodemus, a purported witness of the crucifixion. The Duomo also boasts Tintoretto’s magnificent painting of the “Last Supper”.

… and that’s one of the 3 most important monuments of the city, do you wanna know which are the others?


Duration: about 2.30 hours

Price for the tour: 

1-14 participants: 120 €
15-25 participants: 240 €


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