Florence food tour


Lampredotto, ribollita, crostini meat, peposo… you could almost call “fantastic 4” but superheroes are many many more and in this case we must not be saved but in reality it going to be a pleasure to surrender to the taste and flavors of Florence which become more and more interesting to discover at every corner.

I will guide you through the historic center and between a church and a monument we will try the best local dishes.

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo opened the first “gourmet” restaurant in Florence (without much success)? During our visit I will tell you this and much more.


Duration: about 2.30 hours

Price for the tour: 

Due to Covid-19 and the new rules that are constantly updated by the government, it is not possible to indicate a price or the maximum number of participants.

If you are interested in the tour, please fill the form below without obligation for a quote and to have more info.