Florence city tour

Do you only have one day to get to know Florence? beh, I have only known her for 12 years and I still discover new things but we can do it!

This is an introductory tour, ideal for those who want to see a bit of everything in the city, the cradle of the Renaissance. Don’t worry, I guarantee we will see everything that needs to be seen!

We start our tour from where the Renaissance was born, from the first square, Santissima Annunziata. We will talk about Brunelleschi, Della Robbia and many other leading artists of this wonderful era. Of course,

We’ll move through the alleys to get to the Duomo, San Lorenzo, Piazza della Repubblica and then Ponte Vecchio… the bridge that makes us dream.

Where will we end up? who knows, if you feel like walking I’ll take you right to the top of the city.


Duration: about 2.30 (the tour can also be done in a full day adding the full explanation of the Cathedral)

Price for the tour: 

1-14 participants: 130 €
15-25 participants: 260 €

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