Crime & Mysteries Tour

Tired of the same cookie-cutter Leaning Tower of Pisa tours? Join me on this walking tour where I’ll unveil Pisa’s history, including the crimes and mysteries surrounding the city’s most famous landmarks.

Along the way, I’ll introduce you to some of the characters that shaped the city, including the heroic teenager Kinzica de Sismondi, the hungry Count Ugolino, and the builder behind the Leaning Tower itself Bonanno Pisano.

I’ll also show you Pisa’s famous as well as its lesser-known monuments in the Square of Miracles and the Piazza dei Cavalieri and share the (mostly) bloody events behind these landmarks.

Some prefer to explore the city’s alleys after sundown to embrace its creepier side, so take your pick!


Duration: about 2 hours

Price for the tour: 

1-14 participants: 120 €
15-25 participants: 240 €


To book please fill the form below or use the Contacts form for any question.