The Holy Face, no longer just a legend

Also known as the “black Christ of Lucca” (for the color of the dark brown wood), it is an imposing wooden crucifix of 2.24 meters which, according to the legend of the writer Deacon Leobino, would be the true and only face of Christ.

Arrived to us, well in 2020 completely intact, it leaves us perplexed to think that that crucifix, guest in his isolated chapel inside the Cathedral of San Martino in Lucca, is approximately 1100 years old.

In fact, until now the word legend was always used to tell its story, but a sensational discovery just last week surprised us, changing the cards on the table.

Il Volto Santo

For those unfamiliar with the vicissitudes of this crucifix, he has really been through a lot. It is said that he was carved by the soldier Nicodemus with walnut wood, to pass on the true likeness of Jesus Christ. In making his face he was helped by Divine Grace because he was unable to sculpt it. Once finished, the Crucifix was hidden until the eighth century and finally in 782 the Holy Face was solemnly transported to Lucca.

The cult of the Holy Face, since the Middle Ages, has brought thousands of pilgrims who, during their journey of faith, could not miss the stop in Lucca to visit the miraculous wooden statue. Among his most important miracles is the “miracle of the slipper” or perhaps it sounds better to say the “Miracle of the silver shoe”.

A few days ago the news was made official by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics CHNet in Florence which confirms the originality of the work.

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